Packing your Bag

It is a good idea for your child to start taking responsibility early on with regard to packing their kit bag for training and for Race day. The following gives a rough guide to what should be included. Your child May Not require all of these things, this will depend on what age and stage they are at. If in doubt, speak to your coach.

Training Bag                                                                       Kit Bag

Costume plus spare                                                        Float

2 pair Goggles                                                                    Flippers

2 Hats                                                                                    Pullbuoy

Water Bottle                                                                      Paddles

Towel                                                                                    Band

Snack                                                                                    Belt

Tempo Trainer


Competition Bag

Swimsuit x2 for w/up + swimdown  x2 for Racing

Goggles (bring a spare just in case)

Hat (bring a spare just in case)

Water bottle

2  towels (one to keep dry, the other to sit on)




50 pence or £1 coin for the locker

Book, magazine or comic (to read during the day)

Healthy snack or packed lunch Many competitions can last a full day thus you will almost certainly need a packed lunch and plenty of drinks. It is good practice to have appropriate snacks/drinks that you like in your bag.