1.  DON’T COACH – Leave coaching to coaches. This includes race plans, pre-race psyching, motivation, after race evaluating, setting goals, enforcing extra training without coaches consent etc.
  2. DO SUPPORT THE COACH – Your coaches are the experts, they know best and your support is vital to help everyone “win”.
  3. DO SUPPORT THE PROGRAMME – Get involved. Volunteer.  Help out at meets, fundraisers etc.
  4. DO BE YOUR CHILD’S BEST FAN – Support your child unconditionally, do not withdraw love when your child performs poorly. Be supportive and cheer but always act appropriately. If your child’s performance elicits strong emotions from you, keep these away from your child
  5. DO SUPPORT AND ROOT FOR ALL ATHLETES ON THE TEAM –Foster teamwork, your child’s teammates are not the enemy. When they go faster than your child it should give great incentive and an opportunity for your child to improve
  6. DO NOT BRIBE OR OFFER INCENTIVES – This is not the best form of motivation for an athlete and it will distract your child from proper race concentration. Leave motivation to the coaches
  7.  TAKE YOUR CONCERNS AND PROBLEMS DIRECTLY TO THE COMMITTEE – If you have a problem, do not go to the other parents to discuss it, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to help you. Go straight to the committee, talking behind their back will not get you what you want. You can contact them through the website.
  8. MONITOR YOUR CHILD’S STRESS LEVELS AT HOME  – Keep an eye on your child to make sure that they are handling the stress of schoolwork, training, quality time with friends etc and help them find a balance
  9. MONITOR EATING AND SLEEPING HABITS – Make sure your child is eating the proper foods and getting enough rest
  10. “REALITY TEST” – Help your child keep things in perspective, for example if a swimmer comes out of the pool with a PB and a last place finish, help them to understand that this is a win and should not be seen as a disappointment or a failure, equally if your child does not PB or win a medal this should not be seen as disappointment, many factors must be taken into account when competing.