Competition Tips

Pre Competition

  •  Train as normal in the build up to a competition – do not miss a session in order to rest – competition should never take the place of training.
  • Male sure YOU pack your own kit bag (preferably the night before your competition) – do not rely on anybody else to do it for you! You only have yourself to blame for anything you may forget in that case.
  • Know exactly what events you are competing in, what times the warm up & session start times are – failing to plan is planning to fail!

Day of Competition

  • Swim all your races at 100% effort and swimdown (wherever possible) after each.
  • Speak to your Coach before & after every race – get your brief/debrief.
  • Eat & drink regularly throughout the day but certainly do not eat within 20 minutes of your warm up or race. Drink regularly – “little and often” remember.
  • Always make sure the coaches know where you are and be aware of when your next swim is – do not rely on the Coaches.
  • Make yourself available for ALL medal presentations.
  • Cheer for your TEAM – Together everyone achieves more.

After Competition

  • Take satisfaction from what you did right and learn from what you did wrong.
  • Look forward to the next competition.